About Us


We are SueShiv, an Image and Etiquette Consulting firm that specialises in training Corporates on Personal Presentation. We Empower men and women with the knowledge to present themselves with Impact, Authenticity and Conviction. We help create and market the best version of the brand that is “YOU”.

We approach personal presentation internally, through an emphasis on self awareness, goals and healthy lifestyle and externally, through an elaborate program on the know-how of the various elements of business etiquette. These elements include hygiene, dressing, dining, behaviour and soft skills. We aim at addressing gaps in any of these areas through simple, executable work-plans that help individuals attain more confidence and lead better lives.

We converge goals, personality, physical structure, perceptions and personal preferences into our recommendations that pan the following areas:

• Building your Identity
• Hygiene and Grooming as applicable to business and social contexts
• Know-how to Dress and Accessorise appropriately in business contexts
• Executable plans on Life Style correction
• Work plans on addressing Soft Skill gaps
• Know-how of the Dining Etiquette in business settings