The Power Play
by Shivani – August 29, 2015

Dressing at work requires a master plan. Creating your image has to be taken up as a project. It makes a vital influence in your career graph. Your attire communicates volumes about your character & credibility. The style you choose to dress shows respect towards yourself and the workplace as it reveals your career goals. more

Dear HR, Take Employee Grooming Seriously
by Suzette – May 18, 2015

Our work environment is very global today but for some of us, our corporate culture is still rooted in old cultural norms. Having well turned-out employees helps the organisation present itself better with clients, business partners, and investors. It helps in attracting newer talent too. It’s time for Human Resource departments to encourage their teams to pay attention to grooming and to the way they dress to work. It not only helps the organisation but also its employees too. more

The Motivating Beauty
by Shivani – May 14, 2015

Piku is an entertaining film indeed and there is a captivating thought to be picked up from the movie – life revolving around a significant purpose. A woman with a sense of purpose in life: to seek growth and contribute.
All of that begins with how you project yourself. Your intention is seen in your clothing. You have the privilege of being a woman, who is strong and expected to do more in life. That carries with it the responsibility to take care of your femininity and it is important to display it with honor. more

4 Fixes For Mistaken Perceptions

by Suzette – December 31, 2015

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. – Marcus Aurelius
“Need a hair wash,” I heard a middle-aged woman say to me the last time I was at my neighbourhood salon. It took me a few seconds to register that she had mistaken me for the stylist thanks to my all black attire, the salon’s dress code. more

The Metro & the Small Town Woman
by Shivani- February 28, 2015

India is known for its diversity, owing to different styles, varying physical features, and distinct personal beliefs. My recent visit to Madurai was a very interesting one. My conversation with a friend Dr. Haripriya evoked a thought in her mind, and she strongly suggested that I should write a blog.
She apparently did not like my calling her a small town woman… and so the story unfolds, which focuses on educated metro and small town women. I largely see more humility in the small town women, as against egotism in the metro women. more

Dressing post a baby
by Suzette – July 2, 2015

Yes pinch yourself! You are a mother now! Your little one is crawling around and constantly reminding you that you have now entered a different life stage and your time just isn’t yours anymore. And yes… the physical structure has changed too. Some of us who had babies early and were fortunate enough to go through with a normal delivery and were also disciplined about exercising, may have been lucky to get our bodies back into pre pregnancy shape. Well let’s accept it, most of us were not that fortunate! We have stretch-marks, loose skin, a belly and lots of parts that have been expanded beyond recognition! While we may yearn for that pre-pregnancy body, and may get very close to getting it back if we work with grit and determination…there’s an easier approach…lets just take a deep breath and allow the truth to dawn on us…our bodies have changed for the good! more

The Fashion Feud
by Shivani – December 8, 2015

Fashion should not be a burden neither an obsession. It should be a joy we include in our everyday lives, which in return assists us in our personal & professional growth.
Fashion has evolved tremendously since dawn of civilization and there has been a dramatic change over the recent years. Today fashion designers are presenting us the world of designs. There are countless options to choose from which puts you in a tricky situation and one tends to make wrong choices. These incorrect choices you fall prey to, gives birth to fashion victims. We all in life at some point have been victimized by fashion. As no one can, successfully pull off every trend. more

Unearth your Style
by Shivani – September 8, 2015

In this contemporary world with numerous options, it is alluring to adopt a look from fashion icons and the current trends. These styles will not necessarily look good on you; they will manifest differently through your individual personality. Beauty is an issue of the mind which tends to victimize us; we have been conditioned to what is beautiful and so we go against our core self. Creating conflicting images which are not appealing further push us into the whirlpool of wishful identity. more

The Moral Clothing
by Shivani – August 2, 2015

Being kind is an important deed. Having respectful behavior towards others works positively. In my opinion, there couldn’t be a single person from any country and of any age, who wouldn’t like to be appreciated. Politeness should be a universal language everyone must adopt. We tend to feel safe and comfortable with polite people and are more likely to be productive in this environment. I firmly believe that “Good dressing & Good manners” go hand in hand in creating our image. Good manners are the moral clothing that concern & affect the interconnected lives of mankind. Behavior is an integral part of self-presentation. more

The Dressing Duty
by Shivani – July 1, 2015

I am sincerely happy to express my concepts on dressing, which were a query to me in my growing years and now i understood the importance and would like to share.
How you choose to represent yourself each day of your life says a lot about you. It is all about respecting you. Life is a gift to us and we should gift wrap it day-to-day. It is a fundamental requirement and a daily chore we need to do, so why not do it beautifully and lovingly by creating an appropriate visual about yourself. more