• dr.haripriya_aravind

    Dr. Haripriya Aravind

    Background: Dr. Haripriya is currently HOD of Cataract & IOL. She is actively involved in teaching and training both residents and practicing ophthalmologists. She has presented at various international forums, published in peer reviewed journals and written chapters for text books.

  • praveen_suthrum

    Praveen Suthrum

    Background: Praveen is a multi-faceted personality. While he is the co-founder of NextServices, a healthcare technology company, he is also a writer, artist and a trekker. His is always buzzing with ideas and has the typical innovator profile. His creativity and

  • rachana_lakhani

    Rachana Lakhani

    Background: Rachana has worked with hair almost all her life. From helping her mother with their family salon, she went on to being the head trainer with the Juice Chain of Salons. After spending a few years with Future

  • nishita_biyani

    Nishita Biyani

    Background: Nishita is the youngest participant of the SueShiv Program. She is currently a budding entrepreneur and has under her belt India’s first only waffle store, Wafflist. Apart from being a food enthusiast, Nishita is also a professionally trained singer and