SueShiv Corporate Workshops


We conduct Corporate Programs on the various elements of Etiquette including Business, Dressing and Dining. Health, Hygiene and Lifestyle form the founding blocks of these programs.

Our Programs come in two formats:

A. Customised Business Etiquette Programs
We conduct Customised Business Etiquette Programs, also called the Core SueShiv Program. This is designed for Professionals and is a personalised program targeted at one individual at a time. Through this program, we impart thorough business, dressing and dining etiquette training as applicable to the individual. We also address individual lifestyle and soft skill gaps.

B. Class Room based Workshops
Class Room based Workshops are designed to train a number people at one time on how they must dress, dine, interact (verbal and non-verbal) and behave in professional and institutional settings. We extend this to Corporates, Schools, Colleges and Clubs.